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Earlier this year we designed and built a totally new production line to produce filament winded carbon fiber products. Investment enables us to produce up-to 14 meter long carbon fiber tube and profiles.

All the function from fiber location to resin application are automated. Beside rotation and linear movement, the control system delivered by Finnish special machine supplier Metecno Oy ( control the fiber tensile and resin dosing. Compared to conventional filament winding machines the control system is more sophisticated, which enables better strength optimization meaning better material utilization and weight optimization.

Production activities were started in June. Typically, the tube and solid of revolution type of products manufactured by the production line are used for instance as lifting tools, power transmission shafts, arms and beams. We are offering to our customers, not only the manufacturing of the filament winded parts, but also development, design and analysis, tool design and tools and assembly and armament of the products.

For further information, please, contact Mr. Jani Korpimäki tel +358 400 128 151 e-mail